NetVidi provides the most commonly used features of an enterprise-class network management product at only a fraction of the cost. At the core is NetVidi’s dynamic discovery and collection engine allowing networking professionals to automate daily administration tasks by sending customizable command sets to any or all devices. Up/Down monitoring, FTP and Syslog services are bundled in, providing a mobile yet capable toolkit. NetVidi Professional introduces automated security, compliance, and industry best analysis and reporting. The new visualization engine generates interactive and exportable (PNG, Visio) network diagrams depicting network architecture and interconnectivity based of running configurations.


Automated Discovery

Save Time! Starting with an initial seed device, NetVidi can discover the rest the network infrastructure using common protocols such as CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol). Use one or more combinations of credentials to access and discover your devices. Devices may also be defined manually, or imported via text files. NetVidi supports multiple router/switch vendors including Cisco IOS, Cisco NX-OS, Brocade/Foundry, Juniper and Nortel/Avaya.

Custom Tasks

Utilize NetVidi to run custom command sets on any or all infrastructure devices. Baseline networks with standard configuration changes or inspect any number of settings for compliance or optimization. Whatever you need, NetVidi has you covered.

Up/Down Availability Monitoring

NetVidi provides standard Up/Down situational awareness via ICMP monitoring. Keep NetVidi open in the background and be alerted when any monitored devices becomes unavailable.

Instant Device Access

Spawn a terminal to the specified devices in an instant. NetVidi provides a convenient method to create an interactive session with any devices whenever you choose. NetVidi can even automatically log in with securely stored credentials previously configured.

OS Image Integrity Verification

NetVidi provides the power to quickly and automatically verify network devices are running secure and unaltered versions of vendor published operating system images. Using Patent Pending technology, NetVidi allows you to validate your image integrity with a few simple clicks. This feature is currently available for Cisco devices only.

FTP Server

All versions of NetVidi come with an FTP Server built in enabling the upload and download data, such as system images, as desired.

New in Professional!

Compliance and Optimization Reporting

Achieve compliance goals by automatically inspecting and reporting on a range of industry and government compliance criteria. NetVidi is packed with over 100 automated report items including DISA STIGs and industry/vendor best practices.

Network Visualization

Go beyond a typical network diagram with intelligent representations of networks. Diagrams are generated automatically, and each device can be accessed and inspected directly from the visualization engine. Build upon the visualizations in your own way, for your own purposes via Microsoft Visio exports.

Syslog Server

NetVidi Professional includes a lightweight Syslog server. Find important message quickly with built in filtering and reporting capabilities.

System Requirements

  • Windows: XP SP3/Server 2003 SP2 or newer
  • Microsft .NET Framework 4.0
  • 2 GHz Processor / 2 GB RAM / 100MB disk space
NetVidi Screenshot